While waiting on the roof (8/23/2020)

Gretchen and I are planning our forever home in the mountains of Virginia.
We have a local agent who will manage the work to build:
  • Well (Completed)
  • Footers and foundation (Completed)
  • Sub-floor (Completed)
  • Exterior walls and skin (In progress)
  • Metal Roof
  • Gas lines
  • Waste plumbing
We plan on doing all the finishing work ourselves:
  • Electric
  • Plumbing
  • Interior walls
  • Exterior wall finishing (ship-lap on front and sides, vinyl siding on the back)
  • Interior wall finishing (tongue and groove)
  • Floors and Ceiling (tongue and groove)
  • Making our own bathroom tiles and installing them
  • Cabinets made with no metal
Due to several issues (mostly vendor and weather related), the roof trusses have still not been set on the top of the house.
And I'm going stir crazy wanting to get up there and so some real work. So...............

For those of you that know Andy, he is a real NASCAR fan.
So we decided to do his bathroom in a NASCAR theme.
We ordered a special sink and faucet and got a Craftsman tool box for his vanity.
Today I cut the toolbox to accept the sink and faucet.
These are two short videos of the before and after.